Profiling for Freelancers 2009

Video, 11min., MiniDV

Different ways of profiling by the protagonist, who stages himself in fictional, but
possible situations, for different public audiences.
There is an appearance on a film festival, a casting for a TV-show, a dialogue in
a bar, a myspace profile and an artist´s talk.

Profiling for Freelancers 2009
Setphoto, 50 x 80 cm



Crazy 2009

Video, 12 min., MiniDv

The singer and the piano player of a bar talk about their jobs, about music and
their lives.
Sir Archibald is a bar singer for five years now. About three years ago he got a
constant engagement in a venue called "Night Asylum".
There he entertains the audience with songs and ribaldries every weekend.
Marco Serovi accompanies the show on the piano.


Dux Cinema 68 2009
Photograph, 54 x 80 cm

UFO-news 2009
Photograph, 54 x 80 cm



I am Franz Jansen 2009

interactive documentary DVD

Franz Jansen aka Franc Janzek is over 70 years old and an active peacefighter.
In a village in Rheinland-Pfalz he´s fighting for more than 25 years at the side of
Israel, the USA and Nato for peace, prosperity and freedom.
Because of his various and constant actions he became part of the image of the
region and his messages polarise the people who live there.
A multitude of short videos and picture gallerys can be started by navigating a
DVD-menu. They give an insight in his political actions and his personal urge,
that keeps him fighting on.

Untitled 2009
Photograph, 54 x 80 cm



donnersperg 2008

23 min., MiniDV
Version with english subtitles available.

A portrait of the person Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg. Besides the daily routine
in the appartment of the protagonist, he tells us as a contemporary wittness and
former member about the United Communist Party of Germany (KED).
Its chairman, Dr. Kurt Euler and the Margot Honecker Folk Four, the party´s singing
spearhead are in the focus of his reports. Archived material proves his narration in
picture and sound.