14.11.2010 Profiling for freelancers at the Kasseler Dokumentar und Videofest

2pm, Großes BALi (Kulturbahnhof)
in the program "Art as a parallel reality"


sed roq
Masterstudents Exhibition 24.7.-16.8.09
Städtische Galerie Bremen

Opening: Fr. 24.7.09 at 7 p.m.


Homepage 24.9.08
New work "Crazy" added.



International Shortfilmfestival Hamburg
Fr. 5.6.09 at 10 p.m. Uhr: "donnersperg" at zeise 1
(shown with English subtitles)


32. Bremer Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst

7.2.09 at 7pm
Städtische Galerie Bremen


Sa. 20.12.08, 20.00 Uhr at the Spedition / Bremen (
as part of a programm about the director Klaus Lemke.


kitchen 7.12.08



Sa. 11.10.08, 9.00 pm at the B-Movie/Hamburg (

"Asmus Tietchens isst einen Snickers" of Torsten Stegmann
and Marcus Tetzlaff.

Two different shortfilms from the cultural periphery of the Hörbar an the B-Movie.
Anyhow the audience doesn´t have to expect inscrutable inscene worlds, you need a
special cineastic or atonal knowledge to understand them.
It´s ather about the big and small things of voidness that concern us all, between pop,
dada und trash culture, daily grind, routine, politics and history.

afterwards there is a party in the foyer.


Homepage 24.9.08
english version added and some layout advancements.

Homepage 12.8.08
new video excerpts in the player,
"donnersperg" put to the works.



bath room 30.5.08



working place 27.3.08